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Your home is your biggest investment, so make sure it’s secure with wireless home security. Just as effective as standard home alarm systems but simpler to install, your new wireless home alarm is an immediate solution to your safety concerns. Our home security alarm selections are user friendly because they don’t require electrical connections. Most homeowners set up their house alarm systems in a couple of hours. Once activated, our wireless alarm systems for home protection provide reliable surveillance both indoors and out.

Never compromise on your home security system – choose Soter Security Services, Kenya’s leading security company.. We take a personalized approach to your needs, offering tailor-made security products and services to secure your home. Get free risk assessment for residential security that promises peace of mind.

  • You expect to feel safe in your home, we want to make that happen every day.
  • You expect professional security expertise, we offer free risk assessment.
  • You expect sharper, faster response times while our vehicles feature live GPS satellite tracking.
  • You expect your well-being be a priority, we offer customers emergency paramedic response.

Our home security systems are comprehensive from installation to ongoing patrols with more personnel, vehicles and resources than any other residential security company in the country. Through our network of Community Security Schemes , we understand intimately each region and its unique needs. Our ability to protect your home, your neighbourhood and your suburb are second to none. We provide a meet-and-greet service that entitles our customers to an escort from one of our armed response officers into your home when all does not seem right.

Protect Investments, Inventory, real estate and employees are usually the most costly business expenses. Protecting them is essential to reducing expenditures caused by vandalism or theft. Office alarms can help your employees feel safe, deter burglars and may reduce your insurance premiums. Additionally, employees may be more willing to work late if they know the premises are secure. Soter Security Services LTD provides a comprehensive selection of outdoor surveillance cameras and business alarms that can help provide protection for your commercial grounds or interior space.

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